Experiencing French History

Follow Joan of Arc, Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon, Leonardo da Vinci, Robert Stevenson or Lafayette… or retrace the steps of your own favorite historic, artistic or literary character during a bespoke trip designed by Countess Connections just for you.

Alternatively travel through France, or time permitting, Europe, chronologically along the “Roads from the Past”, beginning with the Greek settlements, then the Roman Ruins to the early and late medieval fortresses and Abbeys, to the splendors of the Renaissance, the grandeur of the XVIIth and XVIII centuries up to the Belle Epoque in Paris.

These customized tours are exciting time tunnel experiences, almost like living through a movie. They can each be adapted to meet your own personal interests and time requirements. Countess de Vanssay will personally accompany small groups (8 to 16 participants), or arrange for a guide specialized in the biography of your chosen character, to open the doors for you to:

- Visit villages, castles, palaces or humble abodes that shaped the life and legend of your chosen character.

- Experience the world at the particular period during which your character revolved: the political and social tensions, the hopes and fears, the scientific developments, the literary and artistic productions, the military and climatic threats etc…

- Discover the legacy your chosen character left on today’s world of politics, architecture, decoration, painting, and much more.

- Meet families of the Aristocracy whose ancestors lived at the time of your character, and are able to share stories of these periods from their personal archives.

- Enjoy not only fine French cuisine but historic recipes similar to those served during the early Renaissance, the XVIIIth or turn of the century.

- Reside in still privately owned chateaux or elegant, historic hotels in the places where your character left his/her mark.

Why not extend such a trip beyond France to other sites in Europe familiar to your favorite character …
Contact Countess Connections for samples of current tours available or ask us to design a specific itinerary just for you…

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