VIP Chauffeur and shuttle

VIP Chauffeur, airport or city transfers, knowledgeable chauffeur guides, luxury minibus services, for small to medium size groups, or even helicopter shuttles, all can be arranged and booked via Countess Connections according to you or your groups’ specific needs.

Working with a network of reliable, well-spoken, registered professionals, Countess Connections responds to each clients’ individual requirements, with tailor-made solutions ranging from:

- A personal welcome with an exclusive meet & greet service dedicated to elite travelers, ensuring seamless arrival and departure experiences, taking care of you and your baggage from your plane to your vehicle thus avoiding the many pitfalls and lengthy waiting times common to airports.

- Affordable rates, with some of Countess Connections suppliers located in the countryside, we can supply fully fledged chauffeur transportation services at reasonable prices, using VW Caravelle SUVs and Citroen C6 Sedans, the latter being, after all, the car used by many French government officials!

- A wide selection, ranging from standard Citroen C6 or Peugeot 807 sedans to Mercedes C, E or even S class, a Viano, a BMW Hybrid, an Audi 8 or even a Maybach 62!

- The “wow” factor, when you see a vintage 1953 Bentley, a modern Flying Spurs, a Rolls Royce. Phantom or a famous Traction Avant drive up to your hotel or Château for a day’s excursion…

- Group transportation, in total comfort. For small and medium size groups, from 10 to 18 guests, embarking on one of our customized tours through France, we contract beautifully appointed Mercedes Sprinters or Irisbus Dailys, with air conditioning, luxury leather seats, wifi and Bluetooth, a video screen and a mini-bar.

- When time is of the essence, Countess Connections will set you up with a private helicopter pick up to transfer you directly from the airport, or your Chateau hotel, to your destination in minutes.

- Discover hidden France with one of our expert chauffeur guides, who thanks to their perfect knowledge of our country will show you sites and hidden treasures no one else could. Why trust your GPS or try to revive Grammar school geography and map reading lessons or fight with parking hassle? Whether it be the wine regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne or the Rhone, the French Valley of the Kings of the Loire, the battlefield scenes of WW1 and WW2, the Riviera, the Alpine ski resorts, Brittany, or why not, Brussels and Geneva, Countess Connections chauffeur guides will ensure the most enriching and pleasurable experiences.

Why not ask about extending your drive into Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland or Spain…

Contact Countess Connections to organize the optimal transportation for your customized itinerary.

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