Wine tours

Bespoke wine tours through Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Champagne, Languedoc and Provence or any of France’s 14 main wine growing regions of your choice, tasting over 50 grapes varieties! After all, France has been a wine producing country since the 6th century BC…

Each of these itineraries is totally customized and led either by Count de Vanssay in person, an avid wine collector, stopping at some of his well kept secret addresses of top producers, or with our highly knowledgeable guide, who himself comes from a longstanding vintner family.
Each Countess Connections tour is tailor made to suit clients personal specifications, and combines:

- Meeting with local wine growers, who have been in the trade for several generations and will open their doors and their bottles just for you. Likewise find yourself plunged into the chic yet laid-back ambiance of some magnificent Châteaux.

- Understanding the concept of Terroir central to higher end French wines, which links the style of the wines to the specific locations where the grapes are grown and the wine is made. The essence of the regions’ vineyards and the notion of “climates” will soon no longer hold any secrets for you.

- Visiting prestigious and authentic wineries and even, if desired, flying over them in a hot air balloon!

- Tasting honest appellation villages, Premier Crus and some of the finest grands crus. Or make a wish and taste all 33 of Burgundy’s Grands Crus : Countess Connections can make it possible!

- Plunging into the history of the region, visiting its cultural and historic sites, from Roman ruins, to medieval abbeys, gothic cathedrals, grand chateaux, and quaint villages.

- Enjoying a three star dinner at the table of some of the greatest chefs or discovering small gourmet Auberges.

- Residing in privately owned chateaux and estates, elegant small boutique and five star hotels.

- Returning home with your favorite bottles, as shipping can be arranged to up to 20 countries.

Why not combine such a wine tour with aother activity like a barge cruise on the Burgundy canal, or a luxury Lorelei cruise on the Rheine, a shopping spree in Paris, a spin to the French Riviera…

Contact me, I will be happy to customize your wine tour.

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